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The Soldiers of Everyday
“Featuring an 'Annie Lennox' style singer, the song contains such a compelling rhythm that with Ash’s combined guitar work it makes the song a transcendental journey. This track could’ve easily been a Love and Rockets song. Personally, I think this is the most unique work Daniel Ash has done during his solo music sojourn." - Jefferson Laufer (RockBandsofLA)


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"This is a track that is for the smokey, coffee house crowd…beat poetry with a spacey, electronica soundtrack.  To be truly appreciated it requires a bit of intellect, something that is needed these days as it is decidedly lacking in mainstream music." - Fourculture


Haunting and soulful, Attasalina manifests a passionate sound. Her music is a return to substance featuring meaningful lyrics and a raw and powerful voice. Often described as artist personified, her work takes a mythical journey. Each song, a step, each accomplishment another piece as the puzzle unfolds.

Her journey first began when she was inspired to form The Seraphim Rising. After debuting at a coffee shop in 2008 and subsequently performing to many more packed houses in their home town of Ojai, Ca promoter and DJ Christopher the Minister invited them to record at his good friends studio in LA. With the invaluable support and mentor ship of Daniel Ash, they tracked a 6 song EP entitled "Life In Suspension" at the legendary Swing House Studios in Hollywood, Ca and released them digitally on Halloween 2011 followed by a physical release in June 2012.

Attasalina also collaborated with Daniel Ash on a song entitled "The Soldiers of Everyday". They released under Ash on iTunes along with a stunning music video featuring the two of them.

Recently reformed and renamed, Attasalina debuted at the Desert Stars Festival in Joshua Tree, Ca with a new band lineup and continues her musical exploration with her upcoming album currently in production. She released her first single "Heart of Beast" in July 2014.

Attasalina was born in Venice Beach, Ca and was raised between LA and the wilderness just outside the Ojai Valley. She grew up playing classical piano and singing in choir. Her name is based on a Pāli word that was gifted to her at birth by her God Mother, a world teacher of Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness, and has been translated to mean The Expositor or Providing the Meaning.

"The Real Deal." - Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets)

photo by © Mariana Schulze

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When you find yourself weak and holding on to the Light, Embrace the Dark... When you find yourself weak and holding on to the Darkness, Embrace the Light...

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Take the Dream

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