Before my godmother died in 2015 she had become demented, but this woman was a master, and even in that state we had clear moments shared many real connections. She was agitated about many things, “they are stealing the water” she pleaded with me in tears one day. “I know” i said. “I know.”

She told me about her life during the war, at the end she was haunted by the Nazi’s garrotting her father. “Do you know what that is?” She asked me so sadly. I just nodded with tears in my eyes.

Her death brought me to the truth of my life. My microcosm a perfect mirror of the macro. I had many visions, i sang the Lakota pipe song at her deathbed because when i held her hand and closed my eyes i saw the cosmos and in it appeared a buffalo skull. My father sitting right across from me. I had visions of swastikas for weeks after.

Small Works Show

A little art and good cheer…

To say this year has been challenging is the under statement of the new millennium. I will say no more on the subject.

I have been photographing my new territory in Santa Rosa, Ca. and surrounding area for the past three years, little by little, using my Holga and beloved medium format black and white film. Then suddenly, on a Monday morning in October, I awoke to a city engulfed by flame. Most fortunately, my house was close but not affected by the fire and therefor, my negatives remain intact to be printed. Continue reading “Small Works Show”

Formal Announcement

I have shut down the Pledge Music Crowdfund for my record and photo book due to sudden and unforeseen life circumstances. Thank you very much for your love, support and encouragement.

I am doing well. My health is improving, traveling is the most difficult challenge at this time. I am happy. I am looking forward to this creative path unfolding.

I am playing again and singing. Mostly piano. I want to perform. I want to record.

More than likely, I will re-launch the same campaign on my own website so that I can work at the pace that is best for my music, art and health. So, please stay tuned 🙂

Much love!