{Album Release} The Seraphim Rising – Life In Suspension EP

Tracked live on a sound stage, Life In Suspension is the culmination of a three year process. It is in the truest sense a record. A performance fixed to a medium that expresses who we were at that moment in time.

Each note contains within it the myriad of experiences that upon looking back become the journey. We set out to make music and the fates saw fit to bring a truly disparate group of misfits into one space, into a garage made music studio, in an orange grove in the unincorporated part of the Ojai Valley known as Meiner’s Oaks, to make as much noise as possible as long as we stopped before 11pm.

Six final tracks were recorded and mixed in five days at Swing House, Hollywood by Robin Holden. We like to refer to him as the magician and we managed to get a lot of work done in spite of several digressions into quotations of the Young Ones and some time spent watching vintage Killing Joke videos. Those memorable days took place over an eight month period which can only be described as eventful. Thank you to everyone who made the project a reality.

Take the Dream

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