Thank You

On Saturday Evening, DJ Mac on Woody Radio was kind enough to share these thoughts on my late godmother Ruth Dension… Consumed with the passing of my dearest dog Daisy on that very day, I did not have the opportunity to share this at the time, so, here is what he had to say before playing “Before I Go” in her honor. Thank you Mac. Take the Dream

“Now I want to take a moment to acknowledge the life of a great life we lost this past week. Ruth Denison was the first Buddhist teacher in the United States to lead an all-women’s retreat for Buddhist meditation and instruction. Her life was devoted to life and serenity. Her center in Joshua Tree, California was her life’s work. She was also part of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She was from Germany, but immigrated to the United States to become a leader in the alternative and counterculture scene. Ruth received permission to teach from Burmese master U Ba Khin. She was the godmother of our dear friend Attasalina from California. Sadly Ruth Denison died on February 26, 2015, after suffering a stroke. She was 92, and she will be missed greatly. These next few songs are dedicated to her life as a woman, a leader and a person of faith in all that is good.”

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