Closing Pledge Music Campaign

I am sorry to announce that I have closed the Pledge Music Album and Photo Book campaign. It is simply unrealistic at this time.

It is difficult to explain the journey of chronic illness and disability especially when I lived with it in secret for so very long. I always thought I could overcome all obstacles no matter the severity, and I have had a lot of encouragement and have overcome so very much already.

I have the support I need to live a healthy life, but participating in the norm is so unbelievably difficult in spite of my dramatic improvement, that it is simply confusing. I think I can do things that I can’t largely because I allow other people to influence my thinking.

So, no more outside influence. I shall continue with my art and music in solitude. One day at a time. This is my journey. This is my life.

The simple truth is, if I had money, I could do many things. Isn’t that the reality for so many. But I don’t. I am totally dependent. My blood family with assets is frankly abusive and uncaring and unavailable. So my real family continues each day to survive and thrive and support me under very difficult although lucky circumstances. I am most grateful and appreciative for everyone in my life.

So, thank you again for the love and support. I feel I owe an explanation as I believe I am known for following through with things. I do not give up easily. And I am not giving up, I’m giving in, surrendering if you will, to a better way.

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