Head For The Hills

I have decided to leave social media, all of it. I tried creating fresh profiles to see if that would do the trick, but it’s more than that. And it’s difficult to explain. I am sure you already understand. I understand why you stay as well. There is a lot of great contribution happening, and that is the issue. I am not finding the relationship equitable. I find it draining, as a creator of content. So, I am going to stop for a while. See how it goes. But I am not just going to log off. I am going to leave, permanently. If I return, it will begin from scratch. Not sure exactly when the pages and profiles will disappear, but it will be soon.

I will be focusing my energy on actual creation. Privately, in my studio, at my own pace and it may not be documented, not if I don’t feel like it. I will be making posts here on my blog. I will be contributing to my Patreon feed where subscribers will also be notified of and have first access to new releases before they come to my website.

Social media had a lot of potential and I completely understand why people stay and participate. For me at this point I find that it has far too much power and I am willing to experience loss in order to gain some freedom. I want to re experience life without this way of connecting. I want to see what I gravitate to without scrolling the feed.

Once YouTube was it’s own place, now it’s Google. I can’t choose to be on YouTube without being on Google. Once Instagram was it’s own creative space, I was there once it opened up to Android and wasn’t exclusive to the Apple cult. Now it’s part of Facebook. I can’t choose to be on Instagram without choosing to be part of Facebook. Once Android seemed like the freer option to Apple, but now that is wrought with privacy invasion. Without social media, I have little need for a “smart phone” for that matter.

So, at the end of the day, for now, I shall content myself here with my WordPress generated website and blog and Patreon, a subscription based platform that you and I pay to use because we choose to. Because it is not ad supported revenue. Because it is not data mining. Because it is not profiting and manipulating the world via our creative energy. I am very ready to put my energy to good use. Otherwise, I might as well just take a nap.

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