{New Single/EP + Video Premiere} “Machine” Black Needle Noise w/ Attasalina

Legendary Producer John Fryer’s
Black Needle Noise New Single “Machine”
Featuring Vocalist Attasalina & Violinist Meredith Yayanos

“Machine” EP Features Remixes From Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward), Mark Hockings (Mesh/Blackcarburning), Sick Jokes, Soman & (London DJ) Samantha Togni

The single is the first release for Black Needle Noise on COP International Records, the independent record label where Fryer acts as A&R and a producer, helming the work of artists such as Stabbing Westward, Azam Ali, Chiasm, Stoneburner, Blackcarburning and more.

“Machine” is being released as a digital EP and includes remixes from several artists on the roster including Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward), Mark Hockings (Blackcarburning) and Sick Jokes, as well as Soman and Samantha Togni (London DJ). Set to an eerie landscape of violins, the powerful track takes on a dystopian feel, engrossed in a pool of beautiful vocals and detailed sonic flourishes that have become the hallmark of Fryer.

Says Fryer of “Machine”: “It’s taken a while to find the right song for Attasalina so we could collaborate again. She did an amazing job on ‘Messages By Dreams’ and she has done an exceptional job on ‘Machine.’ It’s always a pleasure working with Attasalina, and it’s been great having Meredith Yayanos on board this time around playing violin on the track, adding another dimension.”

Attasalina says about the message of the track, “’Machine’ is a song about visions and change. Written and recorded just prior to the pandemic, the lyrics were inspired by distant memories of a future foretold. A future that we find ourselves living in now. Collaborating with John is a rewarding journey from inspiration to fruition. We worked long distance, sending tracks back and forth as the piece unfolded and transformed. Haunting violin, performed by Meredith Yayanos, infuses the song with a heart-rending beauty. As we find ourselves slowly emerging from this overwhelmingly tragic and challenging time, I am so very gratified to complete this second single with Black Needle Noise and release it to the world.”

Adds Meredith Yayanos, “From the first time I encountered Attasalina’s soulful words and imagery ages ago, I recognized her as a kindred spirit with a singularly powerful voice. She’s also fiercely kind. I’m so proud to call her my friend, and now, a creative collaborator. Of course, snippets of John Fryer’s exquisite songcraft have been drifting through my head since I was just a teensy wee clove-smoking kid, daydreaming during chamber orchestra rehearsals in high school. It’s an honor and a delight to work on this haunting track with people I admire as deeply as these two. There will be more to come, I hope.”

As one of the most innovative sonic architects in our age, “John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life” (Impose Magazine). His musical imprint is massive, having shaped the sound of bands from Nine Inch Nails and Cocteau Twins to HIM and Depeche Mode. He is also one of just two masterminds behind This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell).