Haunting and soulful, Attasalina manifests a passionate sound. Her powerful voice and meaningful lyrics have repeatedly been termed a return to substance.

Born in Venice Beach, Ca. in a home two blocks from the boardwalk, Attasalina grew up between Los Angeles and the wilderness just outside the Ojai Valley. Her name is her birth name given by her godmother, a pioneer teacher of Buddhism in the West, and has been translated as “providing the meaning”. Her musical abilities can be traced to her grandfather, a Cuban-American progressive jazz drummer and singer.

Her work is culturally informed by lineages in Theravada Buddhism and Indigenous Religion and Resistance Movements and focuses on visionary experiences as a quest for truth explored through personal narratives of oppression, awareness and survival.

Attasalina began writing poetry around four or five years of age, loved to sing and asked for piano lessons at age six. She studied piano and opera through childhood and in college became interested in photography. She began working as a photographer at the age of twenty two and has continued to practice commercial and fine art for over twenty years.

In 2008, Attasalina formed her first rock n roll band, The Seraphim Rising. After debuting at a former mortuary turned ninety seat theater and subsequently performing to many more packed houses in their home town of Ojai, Ca., they were invited to record at a studio in LA. They tracked a six song EP entitled “Life In Suspension” at the legendary Swing House Studios in Hollywood, Ca and released digitally on Halloween in 2011 followed by a CD and merch release from a successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2012.

Her first release, however, was a collaboration with Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets, Bauhaus, Tones on Tail). The song entitled “The Soldiers of Everyday” was recorded in Ojai, Ca., and released Nov. 2010 on iTunes along with a stunning music video featuring the two of them. The song is also part of the 2016 limited edition CD release Freedom I Love.

Attasalina has since reformed as a solo project, debuting at the Desert Stars Festival in Joshua Tree, Ca. in 2014, she released two singles “Heart of the Beast” and “The Legend of Seraphim Rising”. In the Spring of 2016, she also collaborated with producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, NIN) for his project Black Needle Noise. The song titled “Messages By Dreams” released on the album “Before The Tears Came” followed by a music video and release on vinyl in 2018.

A second collaboration with John Fryer for Black Needle Noise “Machine” released on COP International in June 2021 and featured remixes by Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward), Mark Hockings (Mesh/Blackcarburning), Sick Jokes, Soman & (London DJ) Samantha Togni.

Attasalina is currently working on a solo album and photography book ‘Freed From Rage and Sorrow’ which can be subscribed to on Patreon.


“Attasalina’s gorgeous vocal performance is haunting and mesmerizing in equal measure. Strong and soaring in one moment, intimate and soothing in the next. She takes us away into a land of shadows and sorrow, but she is also guiding light and salvation. Breathtakingly beautiful!” – Christian Petke (COP International)

“Messages by Dreams is soulful dreampop; a tangle of barbed wire and muslingauze that unwinds only by tearing into fibres.” – Cold War Night Life

“In 2000 Ash hooked up with a brilliant musician and a ‘Annie Lennox’ style singer, Attasalina, and cut a song titled, ‘Soldiers of Everyday’. The song contains such a compelling rhythm that with Ash’s combined guitar work it makes the song a transcendental journey. This track could’ve easily been a Love and Rockets song. Personally, I think this is the most unique work Daniel Ash has done during his solo music sojourn.” – Jefferson Laufer, Rock Bands of LA

“This is a track that is for the smokey, coffee house crowd…beat poetry with a spacey, electronica soundtrack. To be truly appreciated it requires a bit of intellect, something that is needed these days as it is decidedly lacking in mainstream music.” – Fourculture Magazine

“Chilling and assertive social commentary.” – DJ Mac, Woody Radio

“This belongs to that holy 0.01% that totally shines!” – Dani Macchi (Belladonna), The Noir Hour – Rock n Roll Radio, Italy

“The Real Deal.” – Daniel Ash