Dhamma Road Meditation

I was chosen as a very young child to inherit a Dhamma lineage. This is a defining occurrence in my life because it is what happened and I have lived a certain experience as a result.

If I had done what was expected, at 18 I would have taken my place. I did not.

To explain that would be to explain everything and I am not sure I can but I am beginning to.

This is why I am teaching a meditation class now. It's been one year since I began.

I see so much appropriation and misinformation that is now in the soup of our society. I find it dangerous and disrespectful. 

My main intention is to educate. To dispel illusion and manipulation. To impart knowledge rooted in authentic training and experience.

Reality is knowable, but often it does not support the desired narrative.

Dhamma Dena - Joshua Tree, CA, 2015