Stories of the Storm

Tubbs Fire | October 2017
Santa Rosa, California

Delia. Friday, October 13, 2017

I met Delia this morning because of a post she created in Santa Rosa Firestorm Update. She asked if anyone thought creating a page of stories about people in our community and what we have gone through might be good idea. A number of people did including myself, so I volunteered to begin documenting. Delia has been volunteering at the Windsor evacuation center since the fire began. “Everyone was so tired and stressed and cooped up and hunched over their phones, so one day I decided to invite everyone to do a little yoga.

I brought a bunch of mats down and many people participated and stretched and breathed (as best we could with the smoke in the air) and set our intention. I also led a dance session and one little girl was so excited and wanted to make a video and was talking about her dreams and wanting to be a performer and I thought that these experiences needed to be shared. Here is this little girl who has lost her home but she is dreaming about her future. In the wake of all this destruction and loss, what is the future we want to dream? And can we dream it together?”

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Women and the Mindfulness Revolution

Shaping the Face of Buddhism in the West

In 1976, Ruth Denison took a trip to the high desert in Southern California. While camping near Pioneer Town, she rescued a family of baby opossums’ who were clinging to their mother who had ceased living. Compassionate to all creatures in suffering, Ruth had a very grounded view of right action and right thought. She did not stand for “bullshit” or sit with it for that matter. She was riding the waves of giants and she wanted for everyone to gain the capacity to see from this point of view.

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