Take Me Home

Everything feels strange and surreal. Moving forward on past ideas, they begin to transform into what they are rather than what I thought they might be. Letting go, embracing change, accepting life again.

I have had a long period of disability struggling with chronic illness. I have talked about it publicly over the years, however, it has not been a main focus of communication other than necessity, it’s a fundamental part of who I am, but I focus on my creativity more I would say and always have.

It became necessary to stop doing and prioritize my health which was a major tipping point. As soon as I am able at all, I am back to working in photography and music, I sometimes thought to let it all go forever, but that is not what happened.

Take Me Home | Holga 120 Ilford HP5

This pandemic is a chronic illness of the collective. It has many different impacts and people respond to it very differently. I had a very strong period of denial when I first became seriously ill, that is an understandable reaction. It’s unimaginable that one could lose the ability to walk, for example. I was told I would, I didn’t believe it, and it happened.

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