Born in Venice Beach, Ca. and raised between Los Angeles and the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest north of the Ojai Valley, my work is a fusion of the urban experience and the insights afforded by the natural world. Focusing on issues of identity, spiritual quests, visionary experiences, disability and inner states as physical relationship with environment, my work is often in the subtle way of a person who has had to keep their life and their knowledge secret.

A lucky break got me started in the professional world when I was hired as the full time manager for a photography studio with photo lab and custom darkroom in 1999 when I was twenty two. Enthusiastically accepting every opportunity and advantage that came along, within a short time, I was photographing portraits and events and exhibiting my work.

My fine art exhibitions have been landscape, nude, mixed media and documentary projects. I have presented at Brooks Institute about writing as it relates to visual artists, served as juror for the photography branch of the Ojai Arts Center and collaborated with the Ojai Arts Commission and local organizations, businesses and galleries to establish an arts grant.



2018 “Healing By Art: After the Fires” Santa Rosa Arts Center, Santa Rosa, Ca.
2013 “Group SC 2009” Medium Festival of Photography, San Diego, Ca
2010 “Autumn Lights” Pershing Square, Los Angeles, Ca
2010 “Group SC 2009” MOPLA – MINARC/Gallery Skart, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca
2010 “FADA LA Art Show” LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, Ca


2009 “Freedom” Firebird Plaza, Ojai, Ca
2007 “Strength Is Beauty” Valley of the Moon Gallery, Ojai, Ca
2007 “Strength is Beauty” Ojai Art Center, Ojai, Ca
2006 “Liberation” Secret Location, Ojai, Ca
2006 “Flowers Within” Upstairs Ghost Gallery, Ventura, Ca
2005 “Cow and the Moon: A Traveler’s Photographs” Ojai City Hall Gallery, Ojai, Ca