Freed From Rage and Sorrow


Freed From Rage and Sorrow:
Reflections of Emptiness in the American Dream

Born of visions and the need to protect the land and to re humanize our society, Freed From Rage and Sorrow documents my journey to understanding what is here. The ancestors spoke when I was young. They told me what was real and what was needed. They showed me the future and whispered of the past. This land remembers. It has a voice. And it wants to be heard. “Truth is in the land,” the voice said. Stories are written and spoken, but I needed to know. Surrendering to intuition and forsaking the known, I observed in the world around me the path I was destined to take. Buried in the lines and cracks, trickling down the water ways and through the skies, I photographed memories of time and the nature of being. Relating patterns, unfolding perceptions, traveling this naked reality in pursuit of understanding.

I’ve had many visions since I was a child. They came as a voice. I didn’t know what it was or if it was real for a long time, however, the voice told me about the future and now, that future has happened. These images are my journey to remembering and learning what these visions are about, what they mean, where they come from, and as time unfolded, that they were accurate. This work reveals a map of undoing conditioned reality. Seeing true, seeing through the ideological thinking that we have been trained to believe is absolute. It’s a vision to end colonialism and to create the future. If we are to save our planet, ourselves and everything within. If we are to transform human societies from war to peace, it must be on every level, because it is on every level. We are always at war. Our whole philosophy is war. Abuse, addiction, environmental destruction, racism, the pandemic we are in, these are all the same thing, the same system, and this system is within. We cannot change what is happening by thinking in this same way. We have to totally transform our understanding. Only this can truly heal human kind.