Freed From Rage and Sorrow

Reflections of Emptiness in the American Dream

Dharma talk and meditation instruction rooted in Vipassana focusing on restful practice as a foundation for radical transformation and healing individually and collectively.

Mindfulness techniques cultivate wisdom, self discipline and liberation, teaching us to live meaningfully with illness, loss and grief.

Trained in Vipassana, Taoism and the Krishnamurti method in childhood, Attasalina first sat Vipassana retreat with her godmother and teacher Ruth Denison at the age of 15. She then practiced Lakota ceremony in depth for ten years. Her lifelong practice and examination of the Buddha’s teachings in context and contrast with diverse understanding of the Universe through observing her own experience have revealed a unique perspective on suffering and awareness and the application of practice relative to the condition. She is also gifted with clear sight which informs her understanding of Karma and the nature of time.

Online Teaching Series TBA

Lesson 01 | Always Return to the Breath

  • Non-Attachment
  • Observe Without Judgment
  • Being With It
  • Taking Refuge

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Take Refuge in the Breath of the World