Take Me Home

Everything feels strange and surreal. Moving forward on past ideas, they begin to transform into what they are rather than what I thought they might be. Letting go, embracing change, accepting life again.

I have had a long period of disability struggling with chronic illness. I have talked about it publicly over the years, however, it has not been a main focus of communication other than necessity, it’s a fundamental part of who I am, but I focus on my creativity more I would say and always have.

It became necessary to stop doing and prioritize my health which was a major tipping point. As soon as I am able at all, I am back to working in photography and music, I sometimes thought to let it all go forever, but that is not what happened.

Take Me Home | Holga 120 Ilford HP5

This pandemic is a chronic illness of the collective. It has many different impacts and people respond to it very differently. I had a very strong period of denial when I first became seriously ill, that is an understandable reaction. It’s unimaginable that one could lose the ability to walk, for example. I was told I would, I didn’t believe it, and it happened.

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Attasalina Interview w/ DJ Nocturna

Tune in this Saturday

Brand new interview for Queen of Wands on ModSnap Radio!

QUEEN OF WANDS with DJ Nocturna Remixed
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{New Single/EP + Video Premiere} “Machine” Black Needle Noise w/ Attasalina

Legendary Producer John Fryer’s
Black Needle Noise New Single “Machine”
Featuring Vocalist Attasalina & Violinist Meredith Yayanos

“Machine” EP Features Remixes From Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward), Mark Hockings (Mesh/Blackcarburning), Sick Jokes, Soman & (London DJ) Samantha Togni

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Fourth Fridays

Having a blast on my new Livestream adventures with The Artist D! Catching up every Fourth Friday of the month on the Fourculture YouTube Channel at 4PM PST/5PM MST/7 PM EST, we discuss a little bit of everything that is on our minds as we journey forward through the pandemic.

Meditation, colonialism, identities, culture consumerism, the human condition and the mundane of everyday… it’s all on the table as we wander through the territory of our lives and share the journey with you.