Take the Dream

Freed From Rage and Sorrow

Reflections of Emptiness in the American Dream

Relating patterns, unfolding perceptions, traveling this naked reality in pursuit of understanding...

Dreams never die, they transform…

Inspired by death and realization, Freed From Rage and Sorrow: Reflections of Emptiness in the American Dream is my debut solo album and photography book. This work documents a life long journey toward understanding and recovery. Revealing the inner process reflected in the outer world, through subconscious voices sending coded messages, speaking in poetry and images, the self is lead to discovering what is real and builds a bridge back to wholeness.

Poems became songs and images became photographs. For over twenty years, I have created the sound and vision that is becoming this work. In darkness, not knowing why, always seeking, always trusting, pushing possibility to the limit, and finally over, facing the most terrifying, the most painful, because I must. I must be set free.

And now, finally, I am beginning to step into this liberation. Letting go of the wish for it to be different. Relinquishing the fantasy that I have the power to change anything but myself.

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A Journey of Sound and Vision